Natural Diamond

Witness a Diamond's Journey
A Billion Years Later...

A Diamond is the ultimate expression of passion, commitment and enduring value.

Origin of a Diamond

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The origin of a diamond and it's journey into your hands, is a fascinating story of a billion years. The diamond is considered one of the rarest elements to be found as it takes temperatures of 900°C to 1300°C, pressure of 45 k-bar and above and over millions and billions of years to crystallise carbon and get it into existence.
The 1st diamond was found in 400 BC in India and since then it only gets rarer like all other naturally occurring resources. These rarest stones are recovered from depths of 100-120 kms under the surface.
A geologist explores vast areas of land, rivers and mountains in search of pure carbon.

Planning a Diamond

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A diamond is extremely precious as for every 1000 kilos (tonnes) of mining done, the part which could be considered to be a diamond is just few grams.
Only about 30-50% of these few grams deserve to be a part of the final diamond crafted. Thus Natural Diamonds have been one of the most coveted of all gemstones.
At Venus, we prepare detailed models of each diamond to consider the possibilities of polishing the rough into one gem of maximum size or several gems of smaller size, but offering greater quality and overall value.

Crafting Process

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The transformation that it goes through from a piece of naturally occurring rock to the scintillating polished diamond is truly unprecedented and unique.
The crafting process is among the most meticulous crafts in the world. A total of 57 different facets go into each Round diamond measuring just a few millimetres. Allowing the mirror-like surfaces to let the light that comes in play, reflect and refract making the diamond sparkle
A culmination of Immense research, precision, craftsmanship and technological finesse at each stage leads to the polishing of a sparkling diamond.

Fancy Shaped Diamonds

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Non-round fancy-shaped diamonds, such as Princess, Emerald, Pear, Cushion etc offer an array of beautiful style options.
Our fancy shaped diamonds are designed to have even more creativity, meaning and fun! Over 400 measurements including angles, symmetry of facets, relative sizes of facets are balanced for fancy shaped diamonds.

Symbol of Love, Passion and Endurance

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Finally, a symbol of love, passion and enduring value is crafted after meticulous and dedicated efforts and skills.
Like humans, diamonds too have a footprint at every stage - We map this unique footprint across it's journey through sourcing, planning, cutting and polishing.
We also capture the memory of a diamond in a digital format, so that we can preserve and share this beautiful journey of a natural diamond with the customer.