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Matched to Perfection!

Posted on: September 28, 2022

Matched Pair DiamondsNatural diamonds are rare and precious; just like fingerprints, every diamond is a unique piece of nature that has no identical match in the entire world. The differences, often subtle and sometimes only visible at a microscopic level, are amongst the many brilliant features that have made diamonds highly sought after treasures throughout history.
Therefore, finding a similar set of diamonds or an identical Matched Pair can be tricky!

“Matched Pair” par Excellence

Princess Shape match pair diamond StudsWhile diamonds may come in plenty of eye-catching shapes, some shapes are more popular than others for distinct settings of matched pair diamonds. Matching Pairs are essentially used in a set of earrings. They can also be used as side stones to compliment a centre diamond for rings, necklaces, bracelets and various other jewellery. Finding an identical match can further enhance the brilliance of a beautifully crafted jewellery set.

In Pursuit of Ultimate Match

Each diamond matched pair requires deliberate planning and has to be crafted to perfection with a lot of precision and accuracy. It is not only challenging but a work of art to get two stones to match in cut, colour, size, base length and gridle.
The Venus Grading System® (VGS) is our proprietary tool for describing diamonds in precise detail. The system matches a fancy shaped diamond pair only when more than 80% of their parameters match. Based on a combination of multiple algorithms of this comprehensive system, diamonds are compared to get the most identical matched pairs.It also superimposes wireframes of two diamonds on each other to make facet-to-facet comparison between stones.

At Venus Jewel, the matched percentage is decided upon not just the 4’C but upon additional parameters like:-
  • Polish
  • Symmetry
  • Lustre
  • Shade
  • Fluorescence
  • Length:Width Ratio
  • Table percentage
  • Average Diameter
  • Depth
  • Length
  • Width
  • Black inclusion
  • Centre inclusion
  • Table open
  • Lab
  • Curves and Corners for fancy shapes, being a few of them

  • Twin Diamonds from a Single Rough

    In some rare cases, matched pairs are recognised right from the beginning i.e. when a beautiful rough diamond comes directly from the mines to our factory; our experts try to find out if a matched pair can be crafted from the single piece of rough itself. They use their profound knowledge, keen foresight as well as latest technology, to conclude on a possibility of a matching pair. This demands greater understanding and perfection.
    Just like the overwhelming feeling a mother gets during sonography when she sees herself carrying twins; our craftsmen feel elated on seeing mother nature produce a twin diamond from a single rough.
    The amalgamation of asymmetrical lines, sharp faceted edges and geometric precision are characteristic of these rare, natural, beautiful and original diamonds.

    Expert Inspection

    We believe research and improvement are on-going processes to give the best to our customers. Therefore, our quest to find a close to perfect matched pair doesn't end here, even after the system recognizes a matched pair, experts at VENUS JEWEL further confirm these attributes to find only those pairs that stand the test of naked-eye scrutiny as well, resulting in only 1-2% of the overall production being presented as an identical Matched Pair.

    This unique process ensures that we find an accurate second diamond to fit into her jewellery perfectly and add that extra sparkle to her shine!

    Contact us, to help you choose the perfect match pair for your diamonds, from our exclusive collection.