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How to select the perfect Engagement Ring?

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Posted on: December 3, 2021

An engagement ring symbolizes your love for your fiancé and the solitaire diamond should be fitting her charisma. Every woman aspires to have the perfect engagement ring, as it is a moment she will never forget and will cherish forever. To make the special memory truly timeless, you need to put extra love and effort in searching for the perfect ring with the best quality natural diamonds.
When you start the process and delve into the sparkling world of diamonds, you will be spoilt for choice and be awed by the types, shapes, designs and attributes to choose from.
A good starting point can be choosing the diamond shape or the Cut (as said in diamond parlance).

1 caratShapes - The most coveted and worn diamond shape/Cut is the Round brilliant cut diamond due to its versatility in going with most ring designs and highest fire and sparkle. 75% of the diamonds sold in the world are Round brilliant. Due to the perfection required during cutting, a huge amount of the unearthed diamond goes into its making it with accurate symmetry and thus the shape garners the highest cost.

Apart from Round, there are many more exciting shapes in the world of diamonds. The most popular fancy shapes are Cushion, Emerald, Princess and Ovals. Each has their own charm.

1 caratThe 3rd most popular shape in the world is The Cushion cut. Due to their unique faceting, cushion diamonds retain their natural color better than most of the diamond shapes, so even if you want a colored solitaire for your ring, the cushion shape is a good option. World famous Hope diamond and Regent Diamond are Cushion shapes.

1 caratEmerald Emerald shapes, being long step cut diamonds are loved throughout the world due to their well-defined lines the modern Emerald shape was made with additional facets to increase scintillation. They personify perfection and elegance.

1 caratPrincess shape is one of the most contemporary shapes in the world of diamonds as it was developed in 1980. It has immense beauty and sparkle. Around 30% of all engagement rings of the world are made in this shape as they look larger for the same carat weight as compared to Round shape. They are also one of the most value for money as they retain 80% of the unearthed diamond.

1 caratOvals and Marquise have a unique shape that makes your finger look longer and sleeker and thus are popular shapes for rings. The World Famous Koh-I-Noor diamond is a 105 carat Oval Shaped Diamond.

Many celebrities and influencers are increasingly opting for more unconventional designs with fancy shaped solitaires for their engagement ring. Their designs could be one of the inspirations in choosing the dream solitaire for your fiancé. The most important thing is to keep her preference and unique style in mind as no one size fits all.

1 carat diamond4Cs - Once you have selected your desired shape, you can then select from the 4 Cs. The 4 Cs of a diamond are the basic mirror for a 1st time customer. Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat are the major attributes to gauge the real value of a diamond. The quality and purity of a diamond is important and should always be kept at high priority. The colors range from D to G (white range) D being the purest white in color. H-L (off white range) M-Z (yellow color) diamonds. Clarities range from Flawless to PK, While for some, large size diamonds are preferable, others may want better light retention, and sparkle.
Thus, it is imperative to know the different attributes before making an informed purchase. It is advised to have one major preference among the 4Cs example Carat or Clarity or Color or Cut and let the diamond experts help you with the rest.

A Useful Tip - In terms of size, the price of a diamond rises drastically with each whole carat. So, selecting a size which is closest to the next whole carat might save you a significant amount without sacrificing any noticeable difference. You can use these extra dollars saved on the ring design upgrading the quality of the diamond.

Diamond JewelleryDesign - Natural Diamonds are eternally priceless. However, you must always adjudicate a certain budget in your mind, to streamline your search. You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to inspirations for the perfect design for the ring.

Diamond Authenticity and trust - Real love for his fiancé is best expressed with a timeless and a real creation of the mother earth. So, it becomes even more important to know the authenticity of the diamond as to where it came from. The origin and the transformation of a diamond is an interesting tale.
Also, every love has a story, and so does every diamond. Getting important information on the rough (un-cut diamond) like its shape, its weight when unearthed or its journey, backed with its Kimberley certificate, is always an add on to your special moment. At Venus Jewel, with every diamond that you buy, we make sure to give you all the possible information about your diamond to make your D 'day special.
When purchasing a diamond, you need to be assured of its value, attributes and certifications. We make this journey seamless and enjoyable for you by sharing all the attributes of your diamond through our in-house developed Venus Grading System (VGS)® and external certifications. We price diamonds not only based on the 4Cs, but also 30 other parameters. 2 diamonds with similar certifications could be as much as 10-20% apart in price based on detailed beauty characteristics We believe in giving you a transparent purchase experience.

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When you walk in to purchase a diamond, you have a plethora of choices keeping various above factors in mind. Our sales executives are at your service taking into account all your preferences and help support you in deciding the best diamond you should buy for your better-half.
Your love is pure and precious and so should the solitaire be; that the lady love is presented with. It is an investment on an heirloom which has innate sentimental value.
Contact us to help you find the perfect engagement ring for your partner to make the special occasion etched in time.