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Fluorescence - An enigma unravelled

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Posted on: March 17, 2022

Mother Nature never fails to amaze us through her intrinsic beauty and aura. One of the lesser known, awe inspiring qualities of a Natural diamond is the presence of Fluorescence. Different-Flurosence-ColorFluorescence is the visible light that a diamond emits when it is exposed to the UV rays.
When viewed under UV light, these diamonds can glow lights like blue, green, yellow, orange, or a combination of them.

In addition, the colour of fluorescence also varies its strength – from none, faint, medium, strong, and very strong. Blue fluorescence is most commonly associated with the presenceDifferent-Flurosence-Grades of nitrogen atoms aligned in specific arrays within the carbon lattice which glows when exposed to UV rays. Unique and confined only to the natural diamonds, even the best quality lab grown diamond cannot replicate this attribute. Such is the magical creation of nature.

Only 30% of all diamonds of the world possess fluorescence in some form. Since fluorescence is not easily identified by the naked eye, it is a mystery waiting to be unravelled by the majority of consumers. On the contrary, some consumers with diamond knowledge love to buy diamonds with this feature as it further enhances its beauty and is extremely rare.The diamond’s rarity increases with the fluorescence intensity: less than 6% of the diamonds have Medium to Very Strong fluorescence, with less than 0.5% displaying Very Strong fluorescence. The idea of “A hidden gem that only few can cherish” increases the fascination and love for natural diamonds. Fluorescence remains underexplored and underestimated by most of the Jewelers and end-consumers. Proper education and awareness about fluorescence and its desirability and relevance will increase the inclination to buy these diamonds.

Some Myths Busted

Milky-Diamond A common misconception is that Fluorescence makes diamond appear milky or hazy. However, studies later found that the majority of diamonds with Fluorescence have no effect or does not impact the beauty of diamonds, while in some cases it actually enhanced the beauty of diamonds.

Another common myth is that customers have a negative attitude towards strong fluorescence and discounted those diamonds. However, this is not true as most people are unaware of this feature. In certain cases, diamonds below H colour have a faint yellow tint, Fluorescence-None-Strongand a medium or strong blue fluorescence can help make it look whiter by counteracting the yellow.
Usually, a diamond can look one whole colour grade higher to the naked eye if it has sufficient fluorescence.
Illustrated image are J color diamonds. The first one has no fluorescence, while the second one has a strong fluorescence. You can see how the second one (right hand side) looks whiter and brighter.

Diamonds with lower color grade are less expensive, so one can save a significant amount by buying a diamond lower in color with fluorescence, while having it appear whiter.

One of nature’s wonders, we at Venus Jewel proudly showcase our inventory with diamonds having different levels of fluorescence.

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