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Thanks to our superior online sales processes, Venus Jewel is also as close as a smart phone and available around the clock. Customers can purchase directly from the Venus Jewel stock or bid on credible offerings via our Preferred Diamond Selection, and Look and Bid auctions, all by logging in through our customer portal at www.venusjewel.com 

Our loose diamond polishing house in Surat is designed to the highest standards of ergonomic comfort and safety. This state-of-the-art, air-conditioned facility encloses equipment that spans the industry's history, from the latest laser cutting systems to hand-balanced polishing wheels, all operated by highly trained staff. The factory is designed with large windows that allow light while reducing noise pollution, and features a proprietary dust extraction and collection system, with two-stage filters to improve air quality and multiple redundancies.

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The diamond factory was built on an artificially constructed rise, to mitigate the effects of seasonal floods, and the parking areas are shaded by large solar panels that help reduce Venus Jewel's carbon footprint and ensure a steady supply of power during peak demand periods. They also help keep employee's cars cool for a relaxing ride home after work. In the factory's communal lunchroom, the entire team, from workers to the chairman, share common meals and the bond of mastering one's craft.

Our distribution office, in Mumbai's Bharat Diamond Bourse, the world's largest diamond market, houses our loose polished inventory and our sales, finance and executive teams. Buyers from diamond centers around the world come to inspect and purchase our gems in person and, from here, our e-commerce arm touches every corner of the globe.

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