Leaders in Soliatires

Venus Grading System® (VGS®)

The Venus Grading System is a proprietary tool for describing diamonds in precise detail. We measure twenty aspects of each stone and carefully grade each against exact standards and sets of reference gems. The result is a unique report for each diamond and a transparent, logical rationale for its price.

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Manufacturing Process

Quality is the foundation upon which Venus Jewel was built. Every day we strive to meet the highest standards for cutting and polishing each diamond in our care.
Every worker at Venus Jewel is accountable to the process of creating beautiful diamonds.

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Our Customer Commitment

Our commitment to ethics, transparency, consistency and the highest level of customer satisfaction drives everything we do. For more than forty-five years, Venus Jewel has built an unrivaled reputation for integrity, technical innovation and industry expertise.

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Ethical Sourcing

As a responsible diamond intermediary with ethics in our DNA , we can attest that every stone in our inventory comes from conflict-free mines or trusted, non-conflict sources. All of the diamonds we polish are tracked from rough to sale and we are committed to building a sustainable industry that benefits all of its participants.

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Leaders in High Value Solitaires

The difference is in the Detail

Venus Jewel's core business comes from ethics, transparency and fairness. Utilising the latest technology and the most impactful team, we create the most beautiful diamonds in the world. We create brilliance in all that we do!